Large Scale Construction using Stick Framing

Using Stick-Framing is a smart choice for this Casino Hotel

Stick vs Metal Construction

The wood framing allowed a construction schedule that was quite accelerated over steel or metal stud framing techniques which would allow for an open date of July fourth.  While adding complex issues, it still saved a great deal of time.  The incorporation of unique elements was necessary to accommodate wood construction when considering code issues.  Double studding, 100’s of anchor bolts, additional fire protection/retardant material were used.  The project manager Barry Jones said the plans used extra gear for wind stress – they decided on Simpson StrongRods in the building to combat lateral forces or uplift issues.

Rigidity was added with the one hundred and twenty tie rods placed around the building to help post tensioning.  The rods were 1/2 in to one and a quarter in.  Rising all the way to the top of the 4th floor these slabs anchors were a real strengthening agent.  Creating a continuous load route for the transfer of sheer forces on the foundation was achieved with the right nailing, sheathing, anchor bolts and framing technique.  This extra strengthening routine is obviously a huge benefit should there ever be a tornado or other natural disaster in the area.

Blocking on the other side of each horizontal joint and double studding on the 1st floor are elements not commonly found in your standard wood framed structure.  The type of nails used and even nailing patterns were specified by the engineers involved on this job.  The specific type of nails had to be meticulously tracked down by Lemoine.

New Orleans visitors from around the country will now have the added benefit of this resort provided by Pinnacle Entertainment.  Many people view Pinnacle as a good partner in the Jefferson Parish which is helping bring jobs, pos community outreach and infrastructure improvement.  This is welcome new development at a time where many communities are struggling.


Construction Techniques